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          by Bob Sinclair                                                           

              "  Peace Begins With Me  "

 ?Task        Listen to the song and complete the missing words .What is the song about      


Oh yeah we're back now, oh

More bad on the radio
Planet  she's about to explode, yeah
The  have lost their shine today
They have all been blown away
Together, only hope can be the way

Let me hear you say

 One day, we'll be
We'll never be apart
One , one mind, yeah
One day we'll be together
Remember this old  is yours and mine ,yeah
See that  with a pen and a    

Says its over for ,oh no

No I don't believe it's true
But, I guess it’s up to me and you
Together, we will find a through
in you

One day, we'll be together
We'll never be
One heart, one mind, yeah
One day we'll be together
 this old world is yours and mine ,yeah
Oh oh oh...

 .    Task        Read the  following quote  and explain it  

If many little people

In many little places

Take many little steps

The face of the world will be changed

 .Task        Draw a picture to present your ideas


      Task    Make your own Peace Booklet.Complete the sentences

                       __________________ is like                                                        

__________________ looks like                                     

                            __________________ is always                              

  __________________ begins with                    

__________________ sounds like                


                      . .Task    Translate the words. Add them to your Peace Booklet

.Write sentences about peace with words from the table      
































               ?    Task    Complete the sentence.What is  

  .The Hebrew word SHALOM is understood around the world

The word SHALOM in Hebrew has three meanings

hello,  good bye  and  peace

. ................ . The opposite of war is

. ................ . When we meet people we say                

. ................ .When we leave the house we say                   

Task    Draw  your own picture of peace

 .Be creative! These are only some examples for you


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