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To be going to worksheet preview
To be going to

Cycling with friends in the country worksheet preview
Cycling with friends in the country

What are they going to do when they get home? worksheet preview
What are they going to do when they get home?

going to.. worksheet preview
going to..

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to be + going to + verb
Fill in: a form of 'to be' + going to + verb (werkwoord)
  = yes > He is going to sing a song. (sing)
  = no > He isn't going to sing a song. (sing)
   = ? > Is he going to sing a song? (sing)

1. We  the race. (win)
2.  this test. (pass)
3.  she minecraft? (play)
4. I the house red or green? (paint)
5. You  it pink, that's for sure! (paint)
6. Michael and Jenny  married tomorrow. (get)
7. They  a party.(have)
8. James and I off that cliff. (jump)
9. mister Sebel ? (get angry)
10. I thinks he  about it. (laugh) 

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