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Complete the sentences with the present progressive.
Write the number of the sentences next to the pictures.
1. Ted and Lucy (kiss)   .
2. Tom and Ana (watch) TV together
3. Bob and Debbie (make) bubbles. They (have) fun.     
4. George and Tania (sit) on a bench and (smile) .
5. David (kneel)  and (propose) to Suzan.
6. Paul (read) a love poem to Maria.
7. Sean (give)  his heart to Jill. 
8. Mr. & Mrs. Jones (dance) at a party.
9. Don (give) Rona a present.
10. Harry and Helen (exchange) gifts.
11. Ron (give)  Sarah a special dish he made for her.
12. Bart and Penny  (get married)  .





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