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Story Patterns
Listen to the video story
The Book by Eric Carle

Write the first letter





uesday onday

Match the words

. Listen to the story and write the correct number.

On Monday, he ate through apple.

On Tuesday, he ate through pears.

On Wednesday,he ate through plums, but he was still hungry.

On Thursday, he ate through strawberries, but he was still hungry

On Friday, he ate through oranges, but he was still hungry.

Complete the sentences with -

... :cocoon butterfly- leaf

.The next day was Sunday
!The caterpillar ate through one nice green and he felt much better
.Then he made a around him and the next day he was a beautiful

Choose the correct day of the week

On the caterpillar ate through two yellow.

On the caterpillar ate through one red.

On the caterpillar ate through four red

On the caterpillar ate through five orange.

On the caterpillar ate through three purple .

: Read and complete the story

morning, leaf, egg, food, caterpillar, two, fat, hungry, Friday, butterfly, stomachache, Saturday, apple, strawberries, Tuesday, ice cream, cocoon, green, pie, pickle, watermelon , three

. A little lay on a

.One Sunday , a tiny and caterpillar came out of the egg

. .He started to look for some

.On Monday he ate through one

On he ate through two pears

.On Wednesday he ate through plums

.On Thursday he ate through four

.On he ate through five oranges

On he ate through one piece of cake,

one cone,one slice of cheese, one slice of salami,
.one sausage, one piece of

, one lollipop,and one slice of

.He had a

.On Sunday he ate through a leaf

.He wasnt hungry anymore

... He was a big and a

.He built a

.He stayed inside for weeks

.He pushed his way out and was a beautiful
???And you? Are you hungry



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