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Present simple and past simple passive voice worksheet preview
Present simple and past simple passive voice

Passive voice (present and past simple) worksheet preview
Passive voice (present and past simple)

Passive practice worksheet preview
Passive practice

Passive Voice worksheet preview
Passive Voice

My wallet was stolen worksheet preview
My wallet was stolen

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1. While I was doing the shopping, my purse ...                                                             
 was stolen
 has stolen
 is stolen
2. The results of the exam ...tomorrow morning.
 is announced
 will be announced
 were announced
3. Our hotel room ...when we arrived.
 has been cleaned
 is being cleaned
 was being cleaned
4. All the documents ... to Mr.Simons.
 have already sent
 has already been sent
 have already been sent
5. Your car ... until next Thursday
 probably won't be repaired
 will probably not be repaired
 won't probably be repaired
6. Michael ... an excellent job in a newspaper.
 will offer
 has been offered
 won't be offering
7. The bank robbers ... when they were trying to cross the border.
 were arrested
 has been arrested
 will be arrested
8. Peter says the plants ...
 were being watered now
 will be being watered yet
 are being watered at the moment
9. A delicious cake ... by my grandmother. I can smell it!
 is being baked
 will be being baking
 was baked
10. The computer ... without my permission!
 will have used
 has been used
 have been used





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