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A word, usually an adverb, that has little meaning in itself but provides force, intensity or emphasis to another

The most common intensifier in English is "very." Its equivalent in Spanish is muy, which also is quite common.
  The boy is not very tall.              
                                                                               The green and yellow ribbons are quite long.
                                                                               The purple ribbon is very long.
                                                                               The orange ribbon is not very long.

That is very interesting.

That is quite interesting. (reducing intensity) 

Choose the correct form for each sentence.

1.      This book is        interesting.   


2.      Juan is 2.05 m tall. Joe is 2.00 m tall and Jim is 1.85. I think Joe is   tall.   Although, I think Jim is  tall, too.

3.      The weather has been rainy.

4.      The yellow car is  old.     

5.      The gymnast can jump   high.

6.      This house is   big.                                      

7.      Sushi  is $15 dollars,  pizza is $ 20 dollars, and a hamburger is $ 5 dollars.  The pizza is  expensive,  so I will choose to eat a hamburger that is  cheap.

8.      The red truck is going 120 km/hr. It is going  fast.

9.      The blue truck is going 60 km/hr. It is going  fast.                      

10.  The yellow truck is going 80 km/hr.  It is going  fast.





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