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StarHowever and Therefore Star


You can use 'however' to express contrast. It is usually offset with a comma.It means "despite that".

Paul decided to go to Kenya. Steve, however, went to Dorset.

Pete went fishing today; however, John went fishing yesterday.

"Therefore" means "for that reason", and is also used with a comma.

Margaret moved last week; therefore, she didnít graduate with our class.

Sam and John left before science today; therefore, they didnít take the quiz.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Thumbs Up† Now you can write "however" or "therefore" to fill the gaps:

1. I don't like salads. , I like vegetables.

2. It was raining. , she took her umbrella.

3. He went to London. , she didn't see the Big Ben.

4. He went to London. , she saw the Big Ben.

5. She loved her boyfriend. , she didn't buy him a present for St Valentine.

6. She loved her boyfriend. , she bought him a present for St Valentine.

7. They loved animals. , they had a dog, a cat and a rabbit.

8. They loved animals. , they didn't have any.

9. He was very fat. , he didn't usually eat a lot.

10. He was very fat. it was difficult for him to find nice clothes.

11. I won the lottery. , I bought a beautiful car.

12. I won the lottery.
, I didn't change my old car.

13. My brother loves sports.
, he doesn't play football.

14. My brother loves sports.
, he plays football, basket, rugby and golf.





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