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SINCE and FOR - Present Perfect
Level: intermediate
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Level: intermediate
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since - for - already - yet - never - ever - still - just - recently - lately * signal words in Present Perfect * with grammar, key and B&W
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               For and Since              

 - You use FOR if you don't have to calculate the period of time, because you have it in the sentence Smile:

I have lived here FOR two months (  you don't have to calculate, you know the period is "two months"  )

 - You use SINCE if you have to calculate the period of time, because you only have the starting point Wacko :

I have lived here SINCE 1975 (  you have to calculate now: if you came in 1975 - the starting point - and now it is 2009, then 2009-1975 = 24 years  )


Now fill the gaps with FOR or SINCE:


  1. I have been living in New York  1 year
  2. I haven't seen you a week
  3. I have been waiting 12:30.
  4. I've lived here  5 years.
  5. I've lived here 2003
  6.  she came here I've been very nervous
  7. She has been married ten years
  8. She has been a doctor   1998
  9. I have been living in Valencia  last june
  10. I haven't seen you  last week
  11. Yesterday I studied three hours
  12. She has been studying English  two months
  13. She has been studying English last January
  14. She has been studying English 12.00
  15. She has been studying English your birthday
  16. She has been studying Englishtwo hours
  17. She has been studying English six minutes
  18. She has been studying English a long time
  19. I've been working here  the last two years.
  20. I have loved you the first time I saw you

                                                                                                                                                Very easy !!!!





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