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present continuous downloadable worksheets:
What are they doing?
Look at the picture and answer the questions.
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Age: 9-11
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What are they doing? - present continuous
Match, complete, answer, write. 3 pages.
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Age: 8-14
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Present Simple or Continuous
A good worksheet to practise the two present tenses.
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Present Simple or Present Continuous?
There are some exercises to identify the difference of use between these two Present tenses.
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Present Continuous Tense (1)
This is the first part of a worksheet about Present Continuous. There are 5 pages that include a guide and some funny exercises for the studdents.
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present continuous tense
It´s a useful worksheet on present Continuous.You will find a grammar , a spelling and productive activities parts. Just let your students discover the grammar by the examples and then encourace the to produce it themselves. Hope you like it :)
Level: elementary
Age: 7-17
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A revision of both tenses in two clear colums to help students organize their ideas in a visual mode.
Level: elementary
Age: 12-17
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What is he doing? (present continuous)
Ss look at the pictures, complete the sentences using the correct verb, then answer True/False sentences...hope you find it useful:)
Level: elementary
Age: 10-17
Downloads: 1696





1. Where's John?  He  (listen) to a new CD in his room.
2. Don't forget to take your umbrella with you to London.  You know it always  (rain) in England.
3. Jean  (work) hard all day but she  (not work) at the moment.
4. Look!  That boy   (run) after the bus. He  (want) to catch it.
5. He  (speak) German so well because he  (come) from Germany.
6. Shh! The boss   (come). We  (meet) him in an hour and nothing is ready!
7.  you usually  (go) away for Christmas or  you  (stay) at home?
8. She  (hold) some roses. They  (smell) lovely.
9. Oh no! Look! It  (snow) again.  It always  (snow) in this country.
10. Mary  (swim) very well, but she   (not run) very fast.
11.   you  (enjoy) this party?  Yes, I  (have) a great time!
12. Sorry I can't help you.  I  (not know) where she keeps her files.
13.  What you(do) next Saturday?  Nothing special. I  (stay) at home.
14.  I  (think) your new hat   (look) nice on you.
15.  I  (live) with my parents but right now I  (stay) with some friends for a few days.
16. I can't talk on the phone now.  I  (drive) home.
17. Where are the children?  They   (lie) on the beach over there.
18.  You never  (listen) to a word I say!  You  always  (listen) to that mp3 player!
19.  He  (not understand) what you  (talk) about.  He's foreign.
20. How much  your suitcase  (weigh)? It  (look) really heavy.



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