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                         This is Sam :                                    This is Sam's bedroom :
            http://www.asblentraide.be/adolescent.jpg               teen room thoughtstarter
1.Look at the letters in Sam's bedroom and choose all the correct sentences :
a) Sam  a lot of clothes.
b) Sam  a guitar and tennis racket but he  a soccer ball.
c) Sam  a computer and a printer on his desk.
d) Sam  a CD-player on his shelf but he  a MP3-player.
e) Sam  posters on the wall. He  frames.
2. WHAT ABOUT YOU ? Answer the questions :
a) - Have you got a lot of clothes in your cupboard ? -
b) - Have you got a guitar in your bedroom? -
c) - Have you got a computer and a printer on your desk ? -
d) - Have you got a CD-player on your shelf ? -
e) - Have you got posters on your wall ? -
3. Ask the same questions with DO :
4. VOCABULARY : Find the words in the grid and their French translation :


1. SHORT FORMS : Write the short forms in the boxes :
a) I have got :                                               b) She has got :
c) They have not got :                        d) He has not got :
e) I do not have :                                     f) She does not have :
2. HAVE GOT : Write negative sentences and then ask questions :
a) I have got a computer.
b) Sam has got a MP3 - player.
c) They have got a new house.
3. HAVE : Write negative sentences and then ask questions :
a) I have a computer.      
b) Sam has a MP3-player.
c) They have a new house.





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