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Hanna and her bike

Read the story.

Hanna is a post woman. She works at the post office.

It's five o'clock in the afternoon. Hanna is on her way home. She is riding her bike.

Hanna's friend Sara is on her way home, too. Hanna is near Sara now. Hanna is looking at Sara, and she is talking to her. Hanna is not looking at the road. 

Hanna is falling. Hanna is holding her leg. It hurts. The ambulance is here. The ambulance is taking Hanna to the hospital. Her leg is broken.

Sara is with Hanna in the ambulance. She is holding Hanna's hand and saying: "Don't worry, you will be fine".

Answer the questions:

1. Where does Hanna work?

2. Where does Hanna go?
3. Who is Hanna's friend?

4. Who has a bike?


5. What does Sara say to Hanna?


6. Is Hanna happy now?


7. Where is the ambulance taking Hanna?


8. Why isn't Hanna looking at the road?







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