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Making a Reservation Dialogue
R: good morning. Palace Hotel. This is George. How may I help you?

C: good morning this is Mike Resse. Do you have rooms available for 25th December?

R: 25th December? Ok, hold on please. Iíll check........ Yes sir we do. One room?

C: No we will be 4 adults and a baby. Weíll need two double rooms and one of them with

††† an extra bed or better a cradle.

R: Sure. How many nights?

C: four nights. Check in on the 25th and check out on the 29th.

R: Alright. Two double rooms with an extra cradle. Check in on the 25th and out on the

†††† 29th, is that right?

C: yes, thatís correct.

R: full board?

C: Half board. Breakfast and lunch. Oh and one of us is a vegetarian, so weíll need ††

†††† vegetarian food for one if possible.

R: Sure, no problem but this has an extra charge of 5 Ä per night.

†††† Can I have your full name, please?

C: Sure. Mike Resse.

R: The reservation is on your name Mr. Resse.

C: Ok, thanks. Could I rent a car at the hotel?

R: Yes sir. Any model in particular?

C: I was thinking of a 5 room. Perhaps a 4 wheel drive. Do you have any offer?

R: Let me check that for you..... We have a Jeep Cherokee, the standard rate is 260Ä per

†††† week but we can offer you this brandnew 4 wheel drive for 220Ä a week and one gas

†††† tank for free. Itís an excellent offer sir.

C: indeed. Iíll take that.

R: Perfect. Let me remind you that check-in is always after 12 pm and the rooms must be

†††† vacated before 12 pm to check out.

C: No problem. By the way, how much is the total including the car?

R: Our standard rate is 85 Ä per room and night plus any extra charge to your room.

†††† And the 4 wheel drive 200 Ä, unlimited mileage.

C: VAT included?

R: No sir, itís not included.

C: All right then. Are we all set?

R: Yes sir, everything will be arrange for you arrival.

C: Thank you very much.

R: You are very welcome Mr. Resse. Have a nice day. Bye bye

C: Thank you. Bye bye.





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