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 Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
 Third Year Students
 Technological Streams 2003/2004
 Structure Practice: Tenses

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1. By the time you  to Portland, I'll be there.
2. Clint  left for Paris.
3. Deborah did not  a baseball game yesterday.
4. Did he  the bus?
5. Does your girlfriend  coffee for you?
6. Frank as well as his sister  planning to come to our party.
7. He  on Hill Street since 1997.
8. He likes  .
9. He likes to  basketball.
10. He repaired his roof to stop it from  .
11. He talks as if he  everything.
12. How are you going to  your summer vacation?
13. I  four classes in the morning.
14. I  studied English for five years.
15. I can't put off  my homework any longer.
16. I didn't hear what that man  .
17. I didn't know what  .
18. I have no time  with you.
19. I was  to find that everyone was safe.
20. I wish there  no wars.
21. If it had not been for the snow, the plane  off.
22. It  cloudy tomorrow.
23. It is wrong  a lie.
24. It may  in the afternoon.
25. Look at the  horse.
26. Mr. Jones  his car every day, doesn't he?
27. My Father  not go to work yesterday.
28. My brother will go abroad as soon as he  his passport.
29. My mother always tells me  hard.
30. My mother has just finished  the newspaper.
31. My uncle saved the drowning girl  of his own life.
32. Neither you nor he  to blame.
33. She wants to  a teacher.
34. She was happy  his mother.
35. Spring  come.
36. Sue often  her flute in her bedroom.
37. The black and white dog  sitting under the tree.
38. The rich  not always happy.
39. There was a  cup in the sink.
40. They  to play volleyball since yesterday.
41. This camera  to me.
42. We heard the birds  outside our window.
43. What country is William going to  this summer?
44. What did you  yesterday afternoon?
45. What time  Tim usually leave for school?
46. When  that new suit?
47. When  ? Next Sunday.
48. You don't  very hard, do you?
49.   Mary live in Orlando?
50.   you ever been to England?

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1.     He's been trying to catch up with the rest of the class for a long time.
2.     Let's wait here until the rain will let up.
3.     The Amazon River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
4.     The judge convinced that the man was guilty.
5.     Few people admit that they're wrong.
6.     Would you mind if I call you by your first name?
7.     I wish I can play tennis as well as my sister.
8.     If I saw the accident, I would have reported it to the police.
9.     Where will you be living in two years?
10.           The criminal had fled after having murdered the old man.
11.           The teacher has to direct the students' attention to where the problem lies.
12.           If it were easy to solve the problem, there'd be no challenge.
13.           They all stood up when the director had entered the room.
14.           Bob has been participating in the choir since he is ten.
15.           I can't find my car keys. I might leave them inside the car.
16.           Can you tell me what time the bookstore closes?
17.           Physics is as hard as biology.
18.           Grind the meat to prepare the meatballs, will you?
19.           He left without say goodbye.
20.           I was having dinner when John phoned me.
21.           I'm used to jog in the park every other day.
22.           People usually carry an umbrella when it rains.





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