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                      Animal Similes

                                  Fill in the blanks with the following words:
bat             ox             
snail          bird         
dog           mule         
lamb          bee           
eel            mouse          
1.   Don't expect that she'll change her mind. She's as stubborn as a(n) .
2.   I can't go to work today. I'm as sick as a(n) .
3.   Bob will help you carry that heavy box up the stairs. He's as strong as a(n) .
4.   The old woman can't see anything without her glasses. She's as blind as a(n) .
5.   With all her activities, she's always as busy as a(n) .
6.   My computer is as slow as a(n) . I'm afraid I'll have to buy a new one soon.
7.   He will never settle down. He likes travelling from place to place as free as a(n) .
8.   I didn't hear her come into the room. She's as quiet as a(n) .
9.   My mum never shouted at me. She was as gentle as a(n) .
10.   If I were you, I'd never lend him such a lot of money. He's as slippery as a(n) .



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