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and: links twoideasthat are related,"I like tea and coffee"
but: links a positive and a negative idea, "I like swimming, but Idon'tlikedancing"
so: gives a result,"I was very tired so I went to sleep"
because: gives a reason, "I went to the party because I wanted to see Peter"

A Complete these sentences using: and, but, so,because.
1.She wants to go to the cinema, I don't like that film.
2. My wife plays tennis football.
3. I can't sleep, I'm going to drink aglass of hot milk.
4. She went to the disco, she didn't dance.
5. I'm studying English I love languages.
6. She danced a little talked to her friends.
7. He doesn't play the guitar, he plays the drum.
8. He is sad he saw an accident.
9. She didn't invited me, I didn't go to her birthday party.
10. She can draw well, she can't cook.



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