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What are they doing? (writing) worksheet preview
What are they doing? (writing)

Personal Pronouns worksheet preview
Personal Pronouns

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Personal Pronouns 1

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A – Substitute the underlined words by pronouns:

1 – Paul  invited Sheila   to go to the movies.

2 – Margaret  knows those boys  very well.

3 – Charles and I  met Robert  last night.

4 – Francis  didn't enjoy the show , but his girlfriend did.

5 – Don't blame Mary  ; she didn't break those glasses .

6 – Diana and Bill   invited me and my wife   to their wedding.

7 – Will Monica  be sitting next to William  ?

8 – Give my regards to your relatives  !

9 – Mrs. Bauer  always drives the children  to school.

10 – The car belongs to my brother  .


B – Complete the text with subject pronouns.


Do you like sport? I love sport! (1) __________   play volleyball and my PE teacher, Mr. Smith, has got an Olympic medal for volleyball. (2) _________  's very good! My best friend, Mary, does gymnastics. (3) __________  does gymnastics classes at the gym. My other friends play basketball. (4) _______  are in the school team. At the weekends l often watch sport with my friends. (5) __________  all like football and basketball matches. When I'm at home (6) ___________  watch sport on TV with my dad. My mum and brother don't watch it. (7) ___________   say sport on TV is boring! What about you? Which sports do (8) ____________  play?


C – Complete the text with the object pronouns.


When some people meet (1) ____________  they think I'm my twin brother, David. They don't know the difference. Our school friends know; they say I'm more intelligent than (2) __________  ! In reality, it's easy for (3)  _____________  because we study in different classes. When our mother looks at (4) _____________  she always sees the difference. We can't play jokes on (5) ______________  ! When people visit our house they also know the difference. David always uses the computer and he plays on (6) ____________  all the time! What do you think? If you look at a picture of (7) __________ , you will see: the difference will be clear to (8) _______________ !!!





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