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Question words
This is a worksheet about question words. There is a grammar guide and some exercises on the topic (6 pages in all). Hope it will be useful for you and your students!!
Level: elementary
Age: 10-17
Downloads: 2956

“WH - QUESTION WORDS” - Who-Whose-What-When- Where-(( 5 Exercises / 85 Sentences to complete )) - Elementary/Intermedi ate - (( B&W VERSION INCLUDED ))
This worksheet focuses on using the WH-Question Words - Who, Whose, What, When, Where. There are 5 exercises with 85 sentences for your students to complete. The following tasks are included in this worksheet: Exercises A and B are: FILL IN “WHO”, “WHOSE”, “WHAT”, “WHEN” or “WHERE”, Exercise C is: Choose the Correct Item, Exercise D is: Use a WH-Qu...
Level: elementary
Age: 6-17
Downloads: 1726

basic questions
ss complete the questions (what, where, who, how, when) and then they have to match the question with the answer...the questions are very easy (how old are you?, where are you from? whats your first name? who is your best friend? etc...hope you find it useful for your classes :)
Level: elementary
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 1531

A handy grammar-guide and a classroom poster in one.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
Downloads: 1509

Brief explanation of the use of question words followed by an exercise in which students ask questions about the underlined words and then match them to the pictures. I hope you like it and find it useful Have a wonderful week! Hugs!
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 1474

Speaking cards. Set 3. Personal information
This is my third set of speaking cards. It consists of 8 cards. Students are supposed to to ask and answer questions using the information in the card. Thanks a million to my dear friend Julia (juliag) for her help. Have a nice day! Hope you´ll find it useful!
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
Downloads: 1281

Grammar and exercises on "wh- questions". I hope you like it and find it useful. Have a nice week. Hugs!
Level: elementary
Age: 11-14
Downloads: 1144

Basic Wh- Questions (1)
A simple worksheet with 4 different exercises with an increasing level of complexity on BASIC Wh- Questions. KEY included. Exercises: matching; filling in the gaps with wh-words from the previous exercise, gap filling, and, finally, asking questions Have a nice Wednesday. Hugs to you all, mena:))))
Level: elementary
Age: 11-12
Downloads: 1052



A- Change the following sentences to questions beginning with the given question word.
  1. They live in Brooklyn.                Where  ?
  2. The lesson begins at 8 o´clock.   What time   ?
  3. They get home at 6 o´clock every night.            What time  ?
  4. She speaks French very well.                  What  ?
  5. Those books cost one dollar.                             How much  ?
  6. They travel by car.                        How  ?
  7. She wants to learn English because she wants a better job.                        Why   ?
  8. They meet on the corner every morning.                     Where  ?
  9. She teaches us grammar.                   What  ?
  10. He gets up at seven every morning.                 When  ?
  11. Those girls sell newspapaer there.               What  ?

B- Supply DO or DOES to complete the following present tense questions.

  1. Where  John live?
  2. What time  the plane leave?
  3. Where  you hang your hat and coat during the lesson?
  4. Where  they live?
  5. What  these girls generally do over the weekend?
  6. How  that child go to school?
  7. Who  Helen help at home?
  8. When  we eat lunch in the cafeteria?
  9. What  the children eat there?
  10. Where  George live?

C- Choose the best WH word:

  1.  do you want to eat? Pasta and cheese.
  2.  do they smoke? Cigarettes.
  3.  does John drive? Cars.
  4.  do we get up? Early in the morning.
  5.  does that girl go swimming? At the club.




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