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opposites of adjectives worksheet preview
opposites of adjectives

opposites of adjectives worksheet preview
opposites of adjectives

Opposites (adjectives) worksheet preview
Opposites (adjectives)

Opposites - Adjectives worksheet preview
Opposites - Adjectives

Adjectives and opposites worksheet preview
Adjectives and opposites

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Opposites (adjectives)
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boring,  short,  old,  light, hot,  poor, old,  warm,



 1.People can be tall or
 2.   A book can be interesting or .                         
3.A family can be rich or .
4.   A bag can be heavy or .
5. Weather can  be cool or .
6.   Water can be cold or .
7.   A car can be new or .
8.   A teacher can be young or .
difficult, ugly, narrow, messy, strong, stupid, light, bad
1.   News can be good or .
2.    A girl can be weak or .
3.    A man can be clever or .
4.    A woman can be beautiful .
5.   Roads can be wide or .
6. Night can be dark or .
7.    English test can be easy .
8.A room can be tidy or .
wet, big, full, hard, down, cheap, low, hardworking
1.    Problems can be small or .
2.   A box can be empty or .
3.    Toys can be expensive or .
4.   Hair can be dry or . 
5.   A building can be high or .
6. A student can be lazy or  .
7.We can go up or .
8.   A chair can be soft or
slow,  happy,  safe, inside, dirty, sick,  wrong, long, thin
1.   Shoes can be clean or . 
2. A pencil can be short or .    
3.  A question can be right or .  
4. Children can be outside or .  
5. A child can be healthy or .  
6. An animal can be fast or .
7.  A baby can be sad or  .
8.  Sport can be dangerous or .
9. A man can be fat or .

                                                         by Victoria Barachman        







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