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1. To form the past simple of regular verbs we add:
2. If a verb ends in e (ex: like, arrive, move, dance), we add:
3. If a verb ends in consonant + y (ex: study, cry, tidy), we eliminate the  and add:
4. If a one-syllable verb ends in consonant + vowel+ consonant (ex: stop, plan drop), we double the last  and then add:
5. If a two-syllable verb ends in consonant + vowel+ consonant and the last syllable is not the stronger one (ex: answer, open, listen) we
Now choose the correct form to complete the sentences below using the verbs in parentheses.
1. He  (clean) the windows and  (tidy) the living room and he only  (stop) working when the house was spotless.
2. They  (arrive) home early and  (plan) to watch the football match on TV, but the lights went out.   
3. He  (dance) all night at the party, so he was exhausted on Sunday and  (prefer) to stay home than go to another party.
4. She  (watch) a very sad movie and she  (cry) all the time. 





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