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Certain verbs nearly always have two objects,one of them direct and personal and the other indirect.                        Consider: Father gave a present to Mary. The direct object is a present and Mary is the indirect object. This sentence may also be written with the indirect object immediately after the transitive verb: Father gave Mary a present.
Notice that we drop the preposition in the second form of the sentence
Common verbs which often have two objects are: 
give, tell, offer, fetch,and bring.
Explain,suggest,describe and propose are always followed by their direct objects: Explain the lesson to me.
EXERCISES: Rewrite these sentences putting the indirect object first after the verb. Note that the new sentence often sounds more natural to the English ear.
Note: Drop to and for.
1. The doctor has given a pill to Robert.
2. John told the newss to Peter.
3. Please fetch the newspaper for your father.
4. The waiter offered chicken and fried potatoes to the guests.
5. Will you please bring back a pot of jam for me?
6. My father wrote a long letter to me when I was on holiday.
7. We will send a telegram to your parents at once.
8. Some students give a lot of their time to English lessons.
9. I'll fetch a cushion for you to sit on.
10. A baker makes bread for us to eat.
11. If you know, tell the answer to me, please.
12. These large pipes bring water to the town.
13. John's father gives fifty pence pocket money to each of his children.
14.When you come back from school please bring your report to me.
15. The girls are sending some flowers to their friends on their birthday.
16. Those ships bring our food to us from all over the world.
17. We must give all our attention to the lesson.
18. Our teacher tells historical stories to the class.
19. My wife is making a new dress for our younger daughter.
20. The gentleman offered a tip to the porter.



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