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Fill in the gaps with "Could , can , may , must , might , should"
       He  walk thirty miles a day.

      When she was young, she  swim across the lake.
       you please tell me how to get to Almond Street?

     You try asking the bus driver to help you.
     He wished he visit France.

      I wish I have helped you.
      If he were stronger, he help us push the car out of the snow.
      She  have caught the bus if she had left right away.

       I would be glad if I  help you.

       If he  have solved the problem, he would have felt happier.
       He says I take the day off.

        I have some more soup?
       The members of the organization agree that I join it.

       The members of the organization agreed that I  join it.
       You provide proper identification in order to cash a check.

       They work harder if they are to succeed.

       You take an umbrella with you, in case it starts to rain.

       I answer his letter as soon as possible.





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