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Present Simple/English test/ 3 pages
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Arizona Dream

 Choose the correct answer
Axel  a dream about an Eskimo who  a rare fish and  it back to his family in the igloo. His uncle, Leo,  to persuade him to stay and take over the family business and sell Cadillacs. Axel decides to  it. There he meets two strange : Elaine, a woman who has a dream of building a flying machine, and Grace, Elaine's stepdaughter who is jealous  Elaine and dreams to kill herself and be a turtle in  next life. Axel  to help her dreams. As he and Elaine build the machine day by day, Grace  destroying the machine. Axel then rebuilds. Leo and Paul  at Elaine and Grace's house to encourage Axel to come back, but Elaine threatens them  a shotgun. Axel and Elaine complete the machine and test it, but it  in a tree. Axel then decides to put both Elaine and Grace out of their misery. He starts with Grace, but can't do it. Grace then  the idea to play Russian Roulette with him. Axel is scared at first, but when it his turn comes for the second time, he pulls the trigger multiple times. The gun  fire. Axel, Elaine and Grace come to Paul's talent show. He decides to play Cary Grant's role. Paul receives the score of 1. Uncle Leo's fiancee then approaches them to say there's  wrong with Leo. Axel  that Uncle Leo is ill and calls an ambulance. Uncle Leo dies. Few months later, the day before Elaine's birthday Axel and Paul finally comes back to Elaine and Grace's house. Elaine is angry  Axel for not contacting her, but she forgives him. The next day  Elaine's birthday, Elaine is given an airplane as a present. The four celebrate Elaine's birthday but a storm soon . As the others dry off inside, Grace remains outside to free her turtles, telling them to "Go play," Axel goes upstairs with Grace to wrap the presents and gives Axel a globe, telling him that she wants  to have the world. Alex tells Grace that Elaine is not the same and that he is not  love with her any more. He makes a promise with Grace to go  Alaska. Axel, Elaine, Grace and Paul talk  how they want to die. Grace says she's going to sleep and walks upstairs, dressing herself in a white shift and a hat with a veil. As she walks outside, Axel and Elaine see her through the window and run outside in an attempt to stop . Grace shoots herself and a lightning bolt destroys Elaine's airplane. Sometime after Grace's death Alex breaks  Uncle Leo's abandoned Cadillac store  night and goes to sleep on top of a Cadillac with a cat. The film ends with Axel and Uncle Leo as Eskimos in Axel's dream. They catch the halibut and discuss it. It flies from their hands into the sunrise.
Find the words from the text which match to the following defintions:
It is a meat or vegetable which is not roasted, fried or grilled yet:
It is a house made of ice and snow:
It is your daughter who is not really your relative, becuse you are not the real father/mother:
It is a feeling, when somebody is frightened of something:
It is a man/women who is engagaed to his/her partner and they will get married:
It is a thing you can travel by from one continent to an other. A pilot flies it:
When you put a nice paper on a present you do this with it:
Listen to the song, then choose the correct answer or fill in the places

"The Middle"


Hey, don't write  off yet

It's only in your head you feel left out or

looked  on.

Just try your  , try everything you .

And don't you worry what they tell  when you're away.


[put them in the correct order]

 Everything (everything) will be just fine,
 It just takes some time,
 everything (everything) will be alright (alright).
 little girl you're in the middle of the ride.


Hey, you know they're all the .

You know you're doing better on your own, so buy in.

Live right now.

Yeah,  be yourself.

It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.


[Chorus x2]

 Everything (everything) will be just fine,
 It just takes some time,
 everything (everything) will be alright (alright).
 little girl you're in the middle of the ride.


Hey, don't write  off yet

It's only in your head you feel left out or

looked  on.

Just do your  , try everything you .

And don't you worry  the bitter hearts are gonna say.


[Chorus x2]

 Everything (everything) will be just fine,
 It just takes some time,
 everything (everything) will be alright (alright).
 little girl you're in the middle of the ride.





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