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Sing this song , play with your hands....... and then choose the right  preposition:
  This dinosaur is BETWEEN       BEHIND        the rock
  The owl is  IN     UNDER   the tree.
  Susan is BETWEEN    BEHIND   Mum and Dad.
   The witch and the Prince are IN     IN FRONT OF    the castle.
  The green worm is IN   ON      the apple.
  The sun is IN FRONT OF   BEHIND    the cloud.
  The witch is UNDER     IN    the pumpkin.
   The giraffe is  IN FRONT OF    BEHIND   the lion and the elephant.
  The farmers are IN FRONT OF     BEHIND  the barn.
  The ring is  ON    IN  the box.
   They are UNDER    IN      the umbrella.
  Where is the monster?   It's  ON    UNDER     the bed.





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