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Complete the sentences using the correct tense of the verbs between brackets

·          I(READ) a letter at the moment.

·          I (GO) to England last year.

·          I  (HAVE) dinner in a restaurant last Friday.

·          My mother  (MAKE) some coffee now.

·          Sally usually (HELP) her mother in the house

·          Pam (BUY) new CDs tomorrow.

·          While I (DO) my homework, my father was washing the car.

·          I think it (RAIN) tomorrow.

·          She (WATCH) television every evening.

·          I (BE) born in 1987.

·          He (JUST FINISH) his homework.

·          She can’t talk to you now; she (STUDY)

·          I (PHONE) Mary yet.

·          Lisa (VISIT) John next week.

·          George (LEAVE) five minutes ago.

·          you ever (BE) to Brazil?

·          Luke (NOT LIKE) pop music.

·          She always (WATCH) the same film!

·          I (BE) born in Colón.

·          I (VISIT) Tina yet.

·          George (DO) his homework yesterday.

·         While my parents  (DRINK) a coffee, my brother was watching TV.

·          This dog (ATTACK) a girl last week.

·          My sister (TALK) on the phone now.

·          Paul always (INVENT) some stories.

·          Anna usually (GET) up at 10 o’clock on Sunday.

  • My brother was running while my parents (SLEEP)





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