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 Write questions: the answer is the phrase   underlined

1 He said he was very tired.
2 He looks like his father.
3 I would buy a car if I had the money.
4 Mary helped her friend.
5 I have been singing for two hours.
6 I spent the afternoon with my best friend.
7 I have put my money into your bag.
8 This car is Tom’s.
9 Tim was feeling very depressed.
10 It was cold and raining.
11 I’ve bought it at the butcher’s.
12 She went to the cinema twice a week.
Ex. 2  Turn into the passive form
1 You   shouldn’t read this  book. 
2The parliament is changing the law. .
3 You can’t make this mistake.
4 They don’t use this room.
5 They were cleaning the house. .
6 The teacher has explained a new rule.
7 They made a cake.
8 They have invented a new washing machine.
Ex 3 Tick the right sentences
1 He never tell the truth
2 She can speak good English
3 I've been study for two hours
4 I won't help you.
5 She had been sleeping for an hour when the telephone rings.
6 How long have you lived here?



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