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v†††† Read the sentences and write†† too,to ortwo†† on the lines.

1.††††† She likes ____dance.

2.††††† Mary gave the flowers _her mother.

3.††††† The computer is _††expensive for me.

4.††††† Letís go†the park.

5.††††† Ron has ______ dogs.

6.††††† The boys were __scared of the big dogs.

7.††††† Iíd love ______ go ____ the zoo ___.

8.††††† Harry wants __be with his friends.

9.††††† Yesterday I came __late _____ school.

10.The monster had ____ ears, eyes, __ ††noses and _ mouths.

11.I ride my bike __ school every day.

12.Would you like __ come the movies with me?

13.It is _cold __ swim outdoors.

14.Ann went ___ see her friend.

My little sister is __ young __ start school now





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