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What did Garfield do last weekend?

Last weekend (be) a great weekend for Garfield, the cat.

On Saturday he (sleep) until 12 o'clock.
Then he  (sit) in the sun because the day (be) hot and sunny
After that, he (call) his friend Oddie and they  (decide) to go to the cinema.
In the afternoon, Garfield  (go) surfing and then he also  (surf) the net.
He  (find) some great videos in YouTube and  (see) them.
In the evening, Garfield and Oddie  (meet) at the cinema.
Garfield  (want) to buy ice cream, but Oddie  (not want),
so they  (buy) pop corn and hamburguers.
They  (have) a great time. The hamburguers  (be) delicious and the film  (be) great!





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