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Verb to be worksheet preview
Verb to be

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Family test

Verb to be worksheet preview
Verb to be

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To be

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Verb to BE
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verb to be
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  Helen  in the kitchen.

  We  best friends.

  This letter  for you.

  I  at school.

  She  in the bathroom.

  He  on the phone.

  They  on holiday.

  Our teacher  great!

  This letter  from Mary.

  You  at school.

  I    a student.
  We   not from Spain.
  She  not a nurse.
  He   an actor.
  It    a pink watch.
  They   not painters.
  I   not eight years old.
  She  a pretty girl
  They  my teachers
  It  a big giraffe
  I  a baker
  You  a child





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