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Present simple and past simple passive voice worksheet preview
Present simple and past simple passive voice

Passive voice (present and past simple) worksheet preview
Passive voice (present and past simple)

Passive practice worksheet preview
Passive practice

Passive voice worksheet preview
Passive voice

Passive Voice worksheet preview
Passive Voice

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Third Year Students
Technological Streams 2003/2004
Structure Practice: The Passive Voice

QuestionExercise THREE: Rewrite the sentences in the passive, making the underlined
words in bold italics the subject of the sentence or clause in
whichthey appear. Use an agent only when necessay
1. They gave the oldest councillor the freedom of the city.
2. They denied access to the secret documents to all but a few.
3. Someone showed the child how to use the telephone.
4. They declared him persona non grata and allowed him only forty-eight hours to leave the country.
5. They gave him artificial respiration.
6. Why didn't they offer him the job?
7. Didn't they promise you a rise in salary at the beginning of the year?
8. Someone left him a legacy of 10,000.
9. When he looked at the stamps, he found they had sold him forgeries.
10. What did they pay you for doing the job?
11. Someone should tell him never to do that again.
12. They asked you to meet me here at 11 o'clock, not half past.
13. Will someone send me the details?
14. We shall send you the goods as soon as they are available.
15. Someone must teach that boy a lesson!
16. We must give slum-clearance priority over the building of new properties.





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