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Video Session: Friends - The One where they all turn thirty
A worksheet for the Friend´s episode in which they all turn thirty(Season 7, episode 14). Such a fun episode! Your students will love it! And I hope they like my worksheet too!
Level: advanced
Age: 14-17
Downloads: 1062

The world of cinema
With this worksheet, get your students to learn about the cinema: history and main steps, film genres, cinema-related words, film directors and their works, film festivals, and eventually, after reading 2 articles, get them to write their own summary of their favourite film
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My studends watched the movie and they also had this worksheet to do along. They love it! It deals with the movie reviews, the friendship story, the characters and most importantly with the message. There are several exercises and it can be used as an introductory activity to the topic environmental threats. Hope it is useful.
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I already uploaded a similar worksheet a few months ago, but this one is a bit different... This worksheet is made of 3 activities. First the students have to identify film genres by looking at the posters, then they have to read definitions and find the appropriate word for each, and finally they have to fill in a summary of a film by using the wo...
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-14
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Hello everybody! Here´s something real useful (I hope) for those who use English authentical movies(and "Friends" in particular) in their practice. I´ve compiled a lot of ws that I´ve already sent and even more that heven´t been published before. So we´ve got vocabulary + practice. Hope you like it. It took a lot of time and effort =) but it´s wo...
Level: advanced
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 564

Video Session:

Meet the characters...

Chandler  Rachel   Ross  Monica Joey  Phoebe

Turning Thirty...

At Rachel’s apartment…
TASK 1: Decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F) 
Monica prepared breakfast.
Joey’s thirties were okay.
Rachel feels she is overreacting.  
At the street…

Match the beginnings (1-4) with the endings (A-D)
Ross bought…
Ross claims he has…
Phoebe wants to go…
The sports car is completely boxed in…

A. always been interested in cars.
B. a red sports car.
C. for a ride.
D. and then can’t get out.

At Monica and Chandler’s apartment…
TASK 3: Choose the correct word for each gap
Monica is .
Chandler has organized a .
Monica‘s parents had never .
At Ursula’s apartment…
TASK 4: Choose the correct word to complete the statements
Phoebe gives her twin sister a  as a birthday present.
Ursula says they are .
Ursula sold Phoebe’s birth certificate to a runaway.

At Rachel’s apartment…
TASK 5: Complete the script with the words below.
married – hug – couple – joke – list  – guys – grandma – funny – card – any

Tag: This is from me!
Rachel: Ahhhh!
Tag: It wasn't on the list, but hopefully you'll think it's really fun!
A scooter!
Ross: Stick to the . Always stick to the list.
Rachel: No! No, no, I love it. Thank you.
Chandler: Okay, open ours next. Open ours next!
Rachel: Okay.
Joey: Now that you’re a  we don’t get two presents from you ?
Chandler: For my last birthday you gave me a ! Okay, read the card! Read the card!
Rachel: Okay. Happy birthday ! It’s better to be over the hill than buried under it. All our love Monica and Chandler. That’s , yeah!
Chandler: No-no-no-no! That was the !
Rachel: No, I know! I get it! It’s funny!
Chandler: No, because you’re not a grandmother!
Rachel: No I know, because to be a grandmother you have to be  and have children and I don’t have  of those things. That’s why it’s so funny.
Monica: All you had to do was buy the !

TASK 6: Complete Rachel’s plan with numbers
Rachel wants to have kids.
She should have the first one by the time she’s .
She doesn’t have to get pregnant until she is ,
which gives Prada years to start making maternity clothes!
She wants to be married for year before she gets pregnant.
She doesn’t have to get married until she is , which is whole years from now!
However, she needs a year and a half to plan the wedding,
and she would like to know the guy for a year, year and a half before they get engaged.
Which means she needs to meet the guy by the time she’s .
Now, enjoy the rest of the episode...

TASK 7: Who said what: Ross, Phoebe, Joey or Monica? (throughout the episode)
“Why God? Why?!! We had a deal!! Let the others grow old! Not me!!”
“I really like to say that I’m … You know what I’d really like to say? I’m drunk!! That’s right mom and dad your little Harmonica is hammered!! And guess what! I’ve been drunk before! And I’ve smoked a cigarette! It’s all okay. It’s okay because I turned thirty today. And, and I can do anything I want… because I am a grown up.”
"How would you feel if you found out you were 31? It totally ruined my schedule! I haven’t done any of the things I wanted to do by the time I was 31! I haven’t met any Portuguese people! I haven’t had the perfect kiss! And I haven’t been to sniper’s school!”
“Do you realize in ten years we’re going to be forty?”
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