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Comparatives and superlatives worksheet preview
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Comparing people...

Compare the following people:                   

                                                        Bob                                       Homer                                Alice
                                                   28 years old                            39 years old                       9 years old
                                                      55 kilos                                  80 kilos                              33 kilos
                                                      1.50 mt                                  1.55 mt                              1.20 mt

Bob is  (YOUNG) than Homer.
Homer is  (OLD) than Alice.
Alice is  (SLIM) than Bob.
Bob is  (SHORT) than Homer.
Homer is  (FAT) than Bob.
Alice is  (SHORT) than Homer.
Homer is  (UGLY) than Alice.
Homer is  (SLOW) than Bob.
Bob is  (TIDY) than Homer.
Alice is  (BEAUTIFUL) than Bob.
Alice has got  (LONG) hair than Bob.
Homer can play the guitar  (GOOD) than Alice.
Alice can run  (FAST) than Homer.
Alice draws  (BAD) than Bob.
Bob is  (INTELLIGENT) than Homer.
Homer is a  (INTERESTING) person than Bob.
Now, compare the following people:              
                                                              Harry                               Garfield                           Sponge Bob
                                                        32 years old                         10 years old                       6 years old
                                                            75 kilos                               60 kilos                            3 kilos
                                                            1.90 mt                               0.57 mt                            0.20 mt   

ex: Harry is older than Garfield. (OLD-YOUNG)
       Write ONE word per gap

Garfield    Sponge Bob. (YOUNG-OLD)
Sponge Bob   Harry. (FAT-SLIM)
Harry    Sponge Bob. (SHORT-TALL)
Garfield    Harry. (SHORT-TALL)
Garfield    Harry. (FUNNY-BORING)
Sponge Bob's eyes    Harry's. (SMALL-BIG)
Harry    Garfield. (STRONG-WEAK)
Garfield     Harry. (BEAUTIFUL-HORRIBLE)
Bob Sponge   at sports  Garfield. (GOOD-BAD)
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