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SUPERSTITION = irrational or absurd  or  that something we  or  may cause an event to occur that will  us in the .
There are  types of superstitions: Good  or good  and bad  or bad .
A  who believes in superstition can be described as . They really do believe something will  to them if they do or say something in a certain .
Being  can involve an  or an ... or both.  
The word superstition means:
       stand out
       stand over
       stand up
Tick the words that are connected with superstition
Review this vocabulary
     All your  luck will be caught in the  like a  and therefor last
     Beware of  under a , it will bring you  luck in the  
     After finding an  you should blow it away and make a
     If you find a four    in a field, keep it . It will bring you good
     A   walking past you can  you bad luck. However, some people have the 
     opposite view
     Opening an  indoors is considered  bad
Write conditional sentences
You / see black cat / have bad luck
"If you see a black cat you will have bad luck"
1. Mary / break a mirror / be upset                                             5. You / open an umbrella indoors / have bad luck
2. I / walk under a ladder / have bad luck                                   6. Peter / find a four leaf clover / be happy
3. You / touch wood / have good luck                                            7. You/eat an apple on Christmas /have good health 
4. A cat / wash behind its ears / it rain                                        8. You / put your shoes on the table / have bad luck
Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper. 
 Which of these superstitions are similar to those in your country?
 Which are different?
 What are the things that are considered unlucky?
 What are the things that are considered lucky?
 Do you think that there is truth behind superstitions?
by Cecilia





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