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sprdg11.gif Write the correct verb under each picture:
brushing/ cleaning/ driving/ eating/ fishing/ greeting/ jumping/ painting/ reading/ sleeping/ throwing/ washing


sprdg12.gifLook at each picture. Complete with the verb. Don't forget to add "am", "is" or "are":
sundg11.gif Mom   Kate's hair.
sundg12.gif The kids are very tired. They .
sundg13.gif I'm Tim. I  a yellow car.
sundg14.gif Josh and Ashley  a nice picture.                                                            
sundg15.gif These kids  watermelon.
sundg16.gif Josh and Ashley  the house.                                                                   
sundg17.gif Now they are in the park. They .
sundg18.gif We are at school. We  .
sundg19.gif We can see our friends. We  them.
sundg11.gifsundg10.gif Mom and Amanda  the dishes.                                                                        
sundg11.gifsundg11.gif Kate  on a rope.
sundg11.gifsundg12.gif Josh  the ball.
sprdg13.gifLook at the pictures again. Answer with short answers: Yes he is/ No he isn't/ Yes she is/ No she isn't/ Yes they are/ No they aren't
sundg11.gif Is Mom brushing Kate's hair?  Yes she is.
sundg12.gif Are the kids playing?
sundg13.gif Is Mom driving the car? 
sundg14.gif Are Josh and Ashley painting? 
sundg15.gif Are the kids eating ice-cream ?
sundg16.gif Are Josh and Ashley cleaning the house?                                                                                                                                            
sundg17.gif Are Josh and Ahsley playing football?
sundg18.gif The kids are at school. Are they playing?  
sundg19.gif Are they greeting their friends?
sundg11.gifsundg10.gif Is Amanda helping Mom? 
sundg11.gifsundg11.gif Is Kate playing basketball?
 sundg11.gifsundg12.gif Is Josh throwing the ball?   
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