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Body parts worksheet preview
Body parts

Asterix's body parts worksheet preview
Asterix's body parts

Body worksheet preview

BODY PARTS(with video) worksheet preview
BODY PARTS(with video)

BODY PARTS(with video) worksheet preview
BODY PARTS(with video)

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Body Parts

1. Watch this video...                                                              and this one too! 

2. Find the correct word.
eye                head              hair                  hands                hair                    neck
ear                shoulder        mouth              feet                  hand                   shoulders
nose              arm                nose                 knee                 ankle                  hands
ear                hand                finger                  eye                   head               ankle
nose              leg                   elbow                   ear                   hair                knee
hair               mouth               knee                    shoulders         neck               tongue       
ankle               teeth                 toes                neck                chin                     back
elbow              tongue               fingers            knee               neck                   stomach
knee                nose                  foot                 wrist               hair                    shoulders





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