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 Lycée Si-Tarek of Relizane

Second Year Pupils – Scientific Streams

Unit 02: Budding Scientist

Sequence 03: Reading Comprehension.
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PART ONE: Comprehension.
A-Interpretation:Listen and read the following passage carefully then do the tasks below. (put mouse on one side of the screen -left or right- and click once at a time to  advance the animation forward or backward step by step)
I-The text is about
II-In which paragraph is it mentioned that the Muslim leaders encouraged a lot the development of science during the early Islamic history? This is in § N°  
III-Answer the following questions according to the text.
1.What was the period of time when the Muslim science developed called?
2.Did the Caliph El-Ma’mun help the advance of science? Justify. 
IV-Complete the following table with information from the text.   
Important works


Corrected Ptolemy’s book
“Treasury of Optics” and “On the Burning Sphere”
B-Text exploration:
Listen and read the passage carefully again then do the tasks below. 
V-Find in the text words, phrases or expressions that are close in meaning to the following.
         1.help (n) §1
         2.study (n) §2
         3.Principal (adj.) §4=
VI-Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense and form.
 1.If you (to stand)  on your head your blood (to rush)  to your head.
         2.If you (to eat)  too much, you (not to stay)  slim.
VII-Complete the following sentences so that they make sense. Use the word in brackets
         1.If I pass my exam next year,  (university)
         2.If I work harder at school,  (parents/happy)
VIII-Thick the stressed syllable in the following words.
         1.COM-PO-SI-TION          2.A-RITH-ME-TIC       3.PHY-LO-SO-PHY
PART TWO: Writing (Situation of integration). (put mouse on one side of the screen -left or right- and click once at a time to  advance the animation forward or backward step by step)
Write a composition on the following situation: The Flower of Two Colors. Can a flower get two different color? How? Use your knowledge in biology to describe the experiment demonstrating this natural phenomena.  Use the presentation here below to help yourself.(This is to be done on paper and handed to the teacher when asked)
Now you are done. Have a thought to our beautiful world.
Let's try to make it even better than tomorrow.
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