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Present simple and past simple passive voice worksheet preview
Present simple and past simple passive voice

Passive voice (present and past simple) worksheet preview
Passive voice (present and past simple)

Passive practice worksheet preview
Passive practice

Passive voice worksheet preview
Passive voice

Passive Voice worksheet preview
Passive Voice

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 Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
  Third Year Students
  Technological Streams 2003/2004
  Structure Practice: The Passive Voice

 QuestionExercise FOUR:  Match each sentence with the appropriate oppsite picture "a" or "b"
                                         Write the corresponding letter the box provided.
1-He has stopped.
2-He has been stopped.
3-The party has ended.
4-The party has been ended.

5-The car is moving.
6-The car is being moved.
7-Don't worry it is going to change.
8-Don't worry it is going to be changed.

QuestionExercise FIVE: Match each sentence beginning with the correct ending "a" or "b".
                                     Write "a" or "b" in the box provided.
1 I gave
2 I was given
3 This tiger killed
4 This tiger was killed
5 Pam has her own car because
6 Pam has her own chauffeur because
7 Tom has a music teacher now;
8 Tom has a music student now;
9 At the reunion
10 When he died,
a)-everybody my address.
b)-everybody's address.
a)-by two hunters
b)-two hunters.
a)-she likes being driven.
b)-she likes driving.
a)-he's being taught the piano.
b)-he's teaching the piano.
a)-he remembered all his old friends.
b)-he was remembered by all his old friends.





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