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Present simple and past simple passive voice worksheet preview
Present simple and past simple passive voice

Passive voice (present and past simple) worksheet preview
Passive voice (present and past simple)

Passive practice worksheet preview
Passive practice

Passive voice worksheet preview
Passive voice

Passive Voice worksheet preview
Passive Voice

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1-Choose the correct answer
1- English   in Australia.
2- I  French for three years at  school.
3- We  too much money on holiday.
4- This window  by your little boy.
5- Her clothes  in Paris.
6- This book  by my brother.
7- The new university  by the Prime Minister.
8 Ann  much too ast, and she  by the police.
2- Complete the sentences with am/are/is
1- A lot of paper  made rom wood.
2- What  this called in English?
3- I  paid on the first o every month.
4- Jane  often sent to the Singapore office.
5-  any classes taught on Wednesday?
6- More chocolate eaten in the US than in any other country.
7- Not very much  known about Shakespeare´s childhood.
8- We  woken by the birds every morning.
9-  you seen by the same doctor every week?
3- Complete with simple present passive verbs into these sentences.
1- A lot of olive  in Greek cooking. (use).
2- Arabic  from right to let. (write).
3- Mails  by million of people every week. (send).
4- The police say that nothing  about the child´s family.(know)
5- In English, ´ough´ in a lot of different ways. (pronounce).
6- Spanish  in Peru. (speak).
7 Those programmes  by million of British. (watch)
8- Cricket  by two teams o elven players. (play)
9- Our windows  once a month. (clean).
4- Look at the picture and choose the correct sentence.
1- The drawings are made by the architec.
     The drawings make the architec.
2- The ice-cream eats the children.
     The ice-cream is eaten by the children.
3- The motorbike rides the boys.
     The motorbike is riden by the boys.
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