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I. March the columns with the number.

1. 2/23/2005   December second, nineteen fourteen 
2. 6/8/1066   January fifth, nineteen sixty-eight

3. 8/22/1940    June eighth, ten sixty-six

4. 12/2/1914    July third, eighteen seventeeen

5. 3/21/2000    October twelfth, eighteen seventy
6. 4/30/1990    April thirtieth, nineteen ninety
7. 1/5/1968    July fourth, nineteen forty-five
8. 7/4/1945    March twenty-first, two thousand
9.10/12/1870  February twenty-third, two thousand and five
10. 7/3/1817    August twenty-second, nineteen forty

II. Write the dates in letters (American English).
1. 9/3/1832
2. 3/12/1515
3. 6/20/1952
4. 10/6/1745
5. 1/2/2008
III.  Choose the right answer and tick    .
1. We use ____number with days.
  Cardinals (one, two...)
  Ordinals (1st...)
2. We use ___numbers with years.
Cardinals (one...)
Ordinals (1st...)
3. To write the date in English, we write the month, day and year in...
American English
British English
4. The written form of 9th is...

5. The written form of 15th is...
IV. Choose the right short form of the date.
1. October  nineteenth, two thousand and two.
2. December  twelfth, nineteen niney-nine.
3. June twenty-first, eighteen and five.
4. February third, fourteen seventy-five.
5. May thirtieth, two thousand.
V. Choose the right date and write it in letters.
  7/20/1969     10/12/1492        9/18/1810
1. Christopher Columbus discovered America. 
2. Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon.
3. Chilean Independence.




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