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Personal pronouns: subject and object
1.Finish the sentences with him/her/them.
a) I don't know those boys. Do you know  ?
b) I don't know the man in the black jacket. Do you know  ?
c) I don't know Steve's wife. Do you know  ?
d) I don't know Mrs. Stuart. Do you know  ?
e) I don't know those people. Do you know  ?
f) I don't know the boy sitting over there. Do you know  ?
2.Finish the sentences with me/you/him/her/it/us/them.
a) I'm talking to you. Please listen to .
b) Look at that cheap camera. I'm going to buy .
c) We are going to the beach. Would you like to come with  ?
d) In your birthday I'm going to give  a big present.
e) I don't like dogs. I'm afraid of .
f) Is my sister with you? I want to talk to .
g) Who's that man? I've never seen  before.
h) Where are the tickets? I can't find .
3.Choose the right option.
a) Susan and Paul are engaged.  will get married next summer and I've already bought  a present.
b) I've known Mrs. Parker for ages.  is a nice neighbour.
c) I'm looking for my keys. Have you seen  ?
d) I bought this book yesterday.  is a best-seller. You have to read  at once.
e) Jimmy is sick.  can't come to the party tonight.
f) My parents told  not to come late.  must be at home at midnight.
g) The teacher is upset with  because we arrived late this morning.





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