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Jobs crossword (1 of 3)
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Practice vocabulary with these games and puzzles!!
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1. This person works in an office answering the phone and  writing letters in the computer.
3. This person arrests criminals.
5. The same as eight across.
7. This person cures people and works in a hospital.
9. This person sells vegetables and fruit.
2. This person repairs locks and makes keys for the doors.
3. This person cures animals.
4. This person works in a school teaching children.
6. This person works repairing cars.
8. This person works the land and has a lot of animals.

Match the words from the crossword with the correct pictures.

               A)                      B)                        C)                         D)                                 E)  
                   F)                                    G)                                      H)                           I)

What's the occupation?

Follow the instructions and discover the hidden occupation!

                            1. The nineteenth letter of the alphabet.                              
                            2. This letter is in HOUR but not in OUR.                           
                            3. This letter is in only one day of the week.                        
                            4. This letter is between O and Q.                                      
                            5. This is the first vowel.                                                    
                            6. The days of the weekend start with this letter.                     
                            7. The season I go to the beach starts with this letter.         
                            8. The first personal pronoun.                                                                 
                            9. This letter is the same as the letter in clue number one.    
                           10. During Hallowe'en children go ___rick or ___reating!     
                           11. This word is a single letter and means one.                       
                           12. This letter is in ANT but not in AT.                               
                           13. This is the twentieth letter of the alphabet.                    





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