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.. ?

  •  Reading /Complete the story using the Past Simple.                                       
J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books.
J. K.'s name is Joanne Kathleen.
 She  ( be) born in 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England.
Joanne  (live) with her parents and her sister.
The Rowling family was not rich. Joanne  (not go ) to special schools.
She was a quiet child.She (love) to read and write stories.
Joanne ( go) to Exeter University,and she  (finish) in 1987.
She (work) in different offices. In her free time, she  (write) stories.
In 1990, Joanne's mother . Joanne  sad, and she  to leave England.
She  a job in the newspaper for an English teacher.The job was in Portugal.
She  an interview, and she  the job. In Portugal, Joanne  a Portuguese man.
The next year, Joanne had a daughter, but she  happy in her marriage.
She Portugal with her daughter and to live to Edinburgh, Scotland, near her sister.
Life was difficult for Joanne. She  (take) care of her daughter.
She  (be) alone,and nobody (help) her. She  ( have) no money and no job.
 She   (live) in a small apartment and  (begin) to write stories again.
 Joanne first (think) about the Harry Potter story many years ago
on a train. Joanne liked to go a coffee shop to write. She  (sit) there for many hours.
She (drink) coffee and  (write). Her daughter  (sleep) beside her.
After five years, Joanne  writing the first Harry Potter book.
She  it to many publishers.
They all  that they didn't like it.
Finally,a publisher  it, but the publisher said," This is a children's book.
Adults won't read.You won't make a lot of money." 
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer'Stone was in the bookstores.
J.K.Rowling  very happy. Her dream to publish her book true.
The book was famous all over the world.
Now Harry Potter book is in forty-two languages.
The publisher was wrong about one thing: Everyone loves Harry Potter- children and adults.
Over 100 million books were sold in 1999.Then two Harry Potter books ( become) movies.
 J.K.Rowling  (write)  three more Harry Potter books after that.
People all over the world want more Harry Potter.And what is J.K.Rowling doing now?
She is writing another book!
  •  Words and Meanings/ Choose the correct word.    
  • quiet
  • author
  • adults
  • alone
  • interview
  • dreams
  • all over the world
          1.  Good things happened to Joanne.All her  came true.
         2. J.K.Rowling is an . She writes books.
         3. Joanne was not a noisy child. She was  .
         4. Joanne lived .She didn't live with another person.
         5. Joanne had a meeting about a new job. She had an  .
         6. People of all ages like Harry Potter: children and .
         7. Harry Potter is famous in every country.
             It is famous  .
  •  Opposites/ Find the words in the text that are opposite in meaning to:.    
1. sad
2. poor
3. large
4. together
5. hate
6. begin
7. easy
8. same
9. noisy
10. right
11. in the beginning
         1.        (paragraph 2)
         2.        (paragraph 1)
         3.        (paragraph 3)
         4.        (paragraph 3)
         5.        (paragraph 4)
         6.       (paragraph 1)
         7.    (paragraph 2)
         8     (paragraph 1)
         9.         (paragraph 1)
        10.         (paragraph 4)
        11.       (paragraph 3
  • Synonyms/ Find the words in the text that are synonyms in meaning to:.  
  1. flat
  2. kids 
  3. writer
  4. shop 
  5. occupation
  6. glad
  7. no one
         1.        (paragraph 3)
         2.         (paragraph 4)
         3.            (paragraph 1)
         4.             (paragraph 4)
         5.               (paragraph 2)
         6.             (paragraph 3)
         7.            (paragraph 3)
  • Comprehension/ True or False?:.  
  1. Joanne was an English teacher in Portugal.                                                   
  2. Joanne married an English man in Portugal. 
  3. Joanne left her daughter in Portugal.         
  4. Joanne finished writing the first Harry Potter book after five years.
  5. Every publisher liked the book.                 
  6. Harry Potter is in twenty-four languages.    
  • Comprehension/ Choose the correct question word:.  

   1.  did she finish the Exeter University?   ....in 1987.

   2.  was J.K. Rowling happy?                   ....because her dream came true.
   3.  is J.K. Rowling  ?                           ....a famous writer   
   4.  did she find a job in Portugal?             ....she read a newspaper
   5.  did she start writing her first book?    ....in the coffee shop cafe
   6.  books were sold in 1999?                ....over 100 million books
  •  Vocabulary/ Match the country to its language. Write the letter in the box:.  

    1. Japan                                        a. French 

    2. England                                     b. Greek 
    3. China                                         c. Japanese
    4. Spain                                        d. Russian
    5. Italy                                         e. Chinese
    6. Portugal                                    f. Spanish
    7. Egypt                                        g. Italian
    8. France                                      h. English
    9. Russia                                       i. Portuguese
   10. Greece                                     j.  Arabic              
  •  Spelling/Capital Letters/ 
  • Rewrite the sentences and put the capital letters where necessary :. 
1. the name of the boy is harry potter.  
2. johanne rowling lived in scotland.      
3. you can read harry potter in german.
4. she was in united states in september.
5. joanne married a portuguese man.     
6. today is saturday.                           
7. she lived near bristol in england.        
Thank You! Have Fun watching the Harry Potter Movie Trailer!


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Hugby Victoria Barachman
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