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 - Listen to the Personal Pronoun song.
 - Fill in the correct personal pronoun
              I  -  you  -  he  -  she  -  it  -  we  -  you  -  they
     1. My name is Andrea.  am 10 years old.
       2. Pedro and Pablo are my friends.  are from Mexico.
       3. Pedro and Pablo look alike and most people ask them, "Are  twins?"
       4. Pedro and I like to play tennis.  play at the club.
       5. Pablo likes to play football.  plays with his neighbours.
       6. Linda is my sister.  does not like sports.
       7. My older brother has a horse.  is a gentle mare.
       8. He asked, "Linda, do  want to go horseback riding?"
 - Choose the correct personal pronoun.
 - Replace the words in brackets by a personal pronoun.
       1.     is flying a kite. (Dad)
      2.   is playing with her dog. (The girl)
      3.   sleeps the whole winter! (The bear)
      4.   made a new dog house. (The family)
      5.   like to sing! (My friend and I)
      6.  My name is Bill.  like to play baseball. (Bill)
      7.   has pretty pink flowers. (The tree)





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