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Preposition of place
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1. Complete with the right preposition: IN, ON, AT.
a. The play is  Monday,  9:30  night.
b. My neighbor plays baskeetball  Sundays.
c. The posto office is  the corner of my street.
d. There is a travel agency  Park Avenue.
e. Melissa's birthday is  March.
f. Doris has English classes .
g. There is a pharmacy  the left.
h. Her sister works  the shopping mall.
i. Our teacher's birthday is  February 2nd.
j. Mary lives  342 Park Street.
k. I study  the morni8ng and work  the afternoon.
2. Now, lets complete with the prepositions: on, in, at, across from, between, around, next to.
a. Elizabeth lives  this street.
b. The Chinese restaurant is  the clothes store.
c. There is a great cinema  the supermarket and the drugstore.
d. My house is  the park.
e. There is a shoe store  the corner.
f. I live  Gemini Street.
g. Mary's work is  65 Mason Street.
h. Leslie's birthday is  December.
i. Jamie's soccer classes are    Mondays and Fridays.
j. Liza's father lives  the park, near the church.
3. Lets find out the places in the wordsearch below:

 1.  2.  3.

4.   5.  6.
7.  8.





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