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 Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
 Third Year Students
 Technological Streams 2003/2004
 Structure Practice: Connectives

Question EXERCISE 04: Combine the sentences using the conjunction given in parentheses. Do not change the order of the sentences. Pay attention to the punctuation.
Ermm 1. They got married. They had to learn to manage their own home. (after)
Ermm 2. He went crazy. His wife burnt his breakfast. (when)
Ermm 3. You can hear what I'm saying. You keep quiet. (if)
Ermm 4. I won't invite my classmates to a party. I know them well. (until)
Ermm 5. He arrived home. I had already cleaned the house. (by the time)
Ermm 6. The first quiz was easy. This one is extremely difficult. (whereas)
Ermm 7. She's snobbish. People like her. (yet)
Ermm 8. We're broke. We can't buy anything. (since)
Ermm 9. He failed. He won't give up his ideals. (even though)
Ermm 10. He fell asleep. He was watching the film. (while)

Question EXERCISE 05: Choose the connecting word that completes the sentences meaningfully. 
Ermm 1. Do you think this is something  can be learned?
Ermm 2. Don't go out  you've finished your work.
Ermm 3. Make sure you close all the windows  it starts to rain.
Ermm 4. I think I know  he left the job.
Ermm 5.  I had known how much I would disappoint him, I wouldn’t have done it.
Ermm 6.  you see me, get in the car.
Ermm 7. My friend John,  lives in California, has a car with a New York license.
Ermm 8. It's usually quite simple to cross the border between the USA and Canada  these two countries have friendly relations.
Ermm 9.  a university professor returns from a sabbatical leave, he should be better qualified.
Ermm 10. She's  a snobbish person  nobody likes to be with her.

Question EXERCISE 06: Combine the following pairs of sentences making any necessary changes. Use one of the following connectors.
After / And / Because / Before / But / Neither…nor / That / When / Whom / Whose
Ermm 1. I play a kind of music. Nobody likes that kind of music.
Ermm 2. You saw a man yesterday. That man wasn’t a famous actor.
Ermm 3. I remember a day. On that day I took my first airplane trip. 
Ermm 4. I have a neighbour. The parents of that neighbour live in Australia.
Ermm 5. I read a book. It taught me a lot about the history of Algeria.
Ermm 6. I didn’t like your work. I didn’t appreciate it too.
Ermm 7. My grandpa is slow. He is a strong person.
Ermm 8. The girls ran over the path. They ran over the hill too.
Ermm 9. He didn’t make enough efforts. He didn’t succeed.
Ermm 10. First I finished all my work. Then I went to bed.





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