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Present Simple/English test/ 3 pages
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1. Fill in:
  1. My mother and I sausages and wemilk every morning.
  2. My cousinEnglish very well.
  3. Dana and her friends.the homework together.
  4. I want to.now. I am very tired.
  5. My mother a story every evening.
  6. Ia letter to Santa Clause.
  7. At 4 o’clock we .to school.
  8. My sister and I .a beautiful house in the centre of Brasov.

2. Ask questions, put DO or DO


  1. .you cook?
  2. she speak Italian?
  3. he go to the cinema?
  4. we like jelly?
  5. they write the homework?
  6. you walk in the park?
  7. .Mary sing a song?
  8. Tommy love swimming?
  9. .we like running?

10 Mark and Susan read books?

3. Complete with DON’T anDOESN’T
  1. Sarah like spaghetti.
  2. I speak German or Spanish.
  3. They  run on the street.
  4. Mary play on the computer.
  5. We have homework for tomorrow.
  6. She study.
  7. We  listen to music every day.
  8. Sandra and Alex  watch TV after 8 o’clock.
  9. I drink coffee in the morning.
  10. Mark fly by plane.



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