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Type the Action words worksheet preview
Type the Action words

TYPE THE ACTION WORDS worksheet preview

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match the action words

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Join the action words

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At the playground

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Solve the crossword.

1 9
6 8

         What are your daily routines?

    1.- I  ___________ English on Mondays.
    2.- I ____________ the bus to school every day.
    3.- I ____________ TV in the afternoons.
    4.- I ____________ soccer on weekends.
    5.- I ____________ lunch at school on weekdays.
    6.- I ____________ to school early in the morning.
    7.- I ____________ to my home at four o'clock.
    8.- I ____________ cereal and toasts for dinner.
    9.- I ____________ my mother on Saturdays.

Complete with the dialogue with the correct verb.-
Joe: I  at six o'clock, What about you?
Sandy: I get up at six fifteen. Do you  the bus to school everyday.
Joe: Yes, but I  very early to my first class.
Sandy: I  home very late, because of the traffic!
Joe: On weekdays, when I arrive home,first I  lunch, then I like to  TV, after that, I  my homework, and finally I  soccer with my friends.
Sandy: Well! on Saturdays I  my mother clean the house, and that's a whole lot more than what you do on weekdays!.
Choose the correct option.-
  What do you do first? Put a check mark at the actions you do at the beginning of each day.-
   eat dinner    get up     play soccer    take a shower   eat breakfast    study English  brush my teeth    get dressed   go to school   go to sleep   finish school    return home    dance rap    eat lunch 





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