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SAY (SAID, SAYING), being intransitive, is able to stand alone without a personal object. Example: Megan said that she loved you.

SAY can be used with direct speech. Example: Megan said: "I love Peter"
SAY can be at the end of a sentence without leaving a question hanging.
TELL (TOLD, TELLING), being transitive, needs a personal object (the person that we are speaking to). Megan told me that she loved you.
Read the following text and choose the correct words to complete it.


The other day an issue arose in the classroom. Roberto  that Omar was the teacherīs pet. The teacher  us that he didnīt have any preferences. Omar was  Roberto that he was jealous because he had better grades in English when Gabriel  him that sometimes Roberto had better grades than him. Then Hugo : "I think both Omar and Roberto are the teacherīs pets." Luis was  Omar that he wasnīt the best student and Omar : "My grades prove that Iīm the best." When Gabriel  the teacher that he allowed Omar to  bad things about others, the teacher : "Donīt  things you canīt prove."  The girls  them to stop arguing, they  that the teacher didnīt have any pets, and then the boys started  that the teacherīs pets were THE GIRLS!! And thatīs what the boys .





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