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Complete the biographies of these famous sportmen !!


Rafa Nadal

      Rafa Nadal  a tennis player. He  23 years old. He  from Manacor (Mallorca). He  there with his family. He  a girlfriend, her name  Xesca. Rafa  very tall, but  he 's very strong  and athletic. He  going fishing and playing golf.

       He usually  a  headband when he  tennis because he  long dark hair. He also  wristbands in both arms. Rafa Nadal  left-handed. He  the best tennis player ever on clay.


Pau Gasol

        Pau Gasol  a basketball player. He  28 years old. He  from Sant Boi (Barcelona), but he  in Los Angeles (California, USA). He  two younger brothers, Marc and Adrià. They  basketball too. Pau Gasol  very tall (2,15 cm) and quite strong. One of his best friends  Rafa Nadal.

         Pau Gasol  for Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA team. He also  with the Spanish national team. He  a champion because he won almost everything: NBA tittle, the World Championship, the Spanish League... He  the best Spanish basketball player ever.


Fernando Alonso

       Fernando Alonso  a F-1 racing driver. He  28 years old. He  from Oviedo (Asturias) but he  in Oxford, England. He   a wonderful house in Switzerland too. He  married with Raquel del Rosario, the famous lead singer of a Spanish pop group called "El sueño de Morfeo".

        Fernando Alonso  a F-1 Champion (2005, 2006). This year he  for Reanult F-1 Team. His dream  to drive a Ferrari next year.


Fernando Torres

        Fernando Torres  a football player. He  25 years old. He  from Madrid. He  in Liverpool, England. He  married with Olalla, his girlfriend for a long time. They  a daughter, Nora, who was born in July, 2009. Fernando Torres and Dani Martín from "El canto del loco"  very good friends.

         Fernando Torres  for Premier League club Liverpool and the Spanish national team as a striker. He  many goals every season.





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