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Genitive Case


1. Complete the sentences with or s:Big smile


a. Billy blue car is in the garage.

b. Mr. John secretary is here.

c. They sell ladies clothes in this store.

d. The doctor kids are very nice.

e. The women boyfriends are late.

f. My friends cousins are beautiful.

g. We love Grandma cookies.

h. The engineer sunglasses are broken.

i. I don’t like boys sneakers.

j. Bring the baby toys.

2. Rewrite the sentences using the Genitive Case:Ermm


a. The skirts of the women are white.

b. The tail of the horse is not short.

c. The offices of the doctors are beautiful.

d. The books of the students are new.

e. The toys of the babies are funny.

f. The hat of Mrs. Sally is red.

g. The dress of my sister is old.

h. The leg of the chair is broken.

3. Correct the sentences:Confused


a. Julie closed the store’s window.

b. The pupils’s dog is sleeping right now.

c. The name's of the book is Twilight.

d. Jacket’s John is here.

e. The house’s gate is closed.





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