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†††††††† present perfect tense

†††††††††† †††††† expressions of time

†† for†††since†† ever ††already† recently just†† yet†† still

1 Have you finished doing your homework?

2 I have known Martha †abouttwo months.

3 Youíve missedNazan! She was herea few minutes ago.

4 Mum:You must make your bed before you go out Martin.

Martin:Iíve made it.I made it in the morning.

5 Has you father eaten raw fish?

6 I am † having lunch.I will call you later.

7 We haven't learnt passive voice.
8 I haveseen your brother.You may catch him if you run.
9 She hasn't eaten anythingten hours.
10 We have known each other a long time.
11 Has your father†tried †para-gliding?
12 This is the first time I†have tried Mexican food.†
13 I have had breakfast.Thanks anyway.
14 I have been there many times.Lets go somewhere different.
15 Have you seen any good films?





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